Monday, June 29, 2009

House Update 6-29-09

Things are getting close to wrapping up with the house. Less than one month to closing now!! We can hardly wait. About all that is left to do now is installing the carpet, stove, and refrigerator, final painting, and landscaping. All of this should be done by the end of next week. We will do a walk through on July 17th and closing will take place on July 27th. Hopefully, I will not be traveling the week of the 27th, so we can start moving stuff during the week and get all the big stuff moved on the weekend. Here are some pictures of the latest progress.

The outside of the house. A little landscaping on the outside and it is ready to go!

The kitchen. The hardwood floor is covered with cardboard right now.

A portion of the hardwood floor that is where the stove will be.

The master bathroom .....

and the toilet in the master bathroom.

The guest bathroom.

The pedestal sink in the downstairs half bathroom.

The pantry/laundry room. The shelves have been added.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Opryland Hotel Visit

Here are a few photos from our trip to the Opryland hotel.

Lauren by one of the fountains.
Emma taking a "pit" stop to get refueled and Lauren "illegally" picking flowers.

Robin and I resting with Lauren.

Visit to the Nashville Zoo

This morning we decided to go visit the Nashville zoo. This was Lauren and Emma's very first visit to a zoo. We tried to get there before it got too hot, but it was already in the upper 80's by 10:oo am. The zoo had plenty of shady areas so it was not too bad. Lauren said her favorite animals were the monkeys, tigers, zebras, and elephants. According to Lauren, Emma liked the giraffes best. Here are a few photos from our zoo visit.....

The Hofer's all "geared" up and ready to explore the zoo. Lauren trying to spot those monkeys she likes so much.

Lauren and Emma discussing the animals they had seen so far.
The Hofer's at the beginning of the bamboo forest.
Robin and I in the bamboo forest.
Lauren checking out the ducklings.
Lauren petting a baby goat.

Swimming Fun

Robin's sister (Stacey), brother-in-law (Jared) and nieces (Lauren and Emma) are visiting from the great state of South Dakota. They arrived on Wednesday afternoon and took a brief swim in our apartment pool. This afternoon we took a stroll down by the pool again since it is a little warm this afternoon (94 degrees /102 heat index). Below are some pictures of the swimming adventure.

After long anticipation Lauren is preparing to enter the pool!
Emma enjoying a cool refreshing swim.
Jared, Stacey, and Lauren taking a jump into the pool together. Gotta like the nifty camera work!
The girls in their matching bathing suits.
Robin and Lauren having some cool, refreshing fun.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

House Update 6-11-09

Things are starting to slow down a bit on the house, but progress is still being made. Most of the changes in the past 2 weeks are not as dramatic as changes in previous posts.

Key developments in the past 2 weeks:

  • The closing date is set for July 27th (Yay!)

  • The dry wall is finished

  • The flooring has been installed in the bathrooms and utility room

  • The base-board trim is almost completely installed

  • The garage door is installed

  • All of the interior doors have been installed

  • The fire place mantle and marble exterior has been installed

By the end of next week, they should have the caulking done, started applying the first coat of paint, started or finished installing cabinets, started installing plumbing fixtures, and installed locks on the doors so the house can be locked. Below are some pictures of the recent progress.

The outside is pretty much done with the exception of the porch columns!

The insulation has been blown into the attic!

The attic stair/door is installed. Also notice the interior doors.

The stair railing is now installed.

View from the master bedroom into the master bathroom. Notice the base boards and the door.

Flooring in the utility room.

Flooring in the master bathroom.

The fire place mantle and marble exterior.