Saturday, March 20, 2010

Our trip to SD in Words.......

The blogger was not working too well so I could not add text to the photos. Thus, I will add a bit here to explain the photos in the previous post. Last weekend we arrived at Grandma and Grandpa's house in South Dakota after a 2 day visit at Aunt Tammy's in Cedar Rapids, IA. On Saturday, we all went to the Hofer's in Mitchell, SD where Josiah got to meet his cousins Lauren and Emma, his Uncle Jared, Great Grandma and Grandpa Hansen, as well as a host of other family most of which he had already met. We had a great time there and also got to help Uncle Tim celebrate his birthday early.

While in Mitchell, Neal visited Cabelas and got Josiah his first camouflage Cabelas hat.

On Sunday, we met with some friends during the day and also had a gathering of the Buseman side of the family in Canisota, SD. Josiah got to meet his Great grandma and grandpa Buseman there as well as a host of aunts, uncles, and cousins.

During the past week, Neal worked in Des Moines through Wednesday, then worked in northern Iowa at a pig farm on Thursday. Robin and Josiah hung out with Mom and Dad all week. On Wednesday they went shopping and got some clothes for Easter. On Friday evening, we (Neal, Robin, Josiah, Leland, Diana, Tim, Heidi, Megan, and Seth) all went and ate at the Pizza Ranch in Sioux Falls.

Saturday morning we started our trek back to Nashville. We have a quick stay with Aunt Tammy and Amy tonight in Cedar Rapids, IA, and leave early tomorrow morning to head back home.

Pictures from Our Visit to South Dakota

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pictures of the Past Few Weeks.....

First Bath!!!!
Nana and Josiah
Josiah and his only boy cousin Nolan

Aunt Krista and Josiah

Josiah hiding out with his Papa

Josiah with his great grandmother (Mimi)

Josiah's 1st trip to church!!

Josiah with his friends Emily, Ella, and Sarah

Josiah and Sarah. Mr. Michael may let Josiah date her in about 25 years.

We almost lost him!!!

Uncle Tim, Aunt Heidi, and Josiah

The Buseman Clan

Josiah with his "Rocking" Aunt Megan.

Josiah with Aunt Stacey (notice the John Deere boots given to him by Aunt Heidi & Uncle Tim)