Monday, November 30, 2015

Miscellaneous Pictures from November

Here are a few other pictures from the past month.

 Josiah lost his first tooth!!!
 Both kids are loving Miriam's easel that she got from her classmates for her birthday.
 Josiah's grade level had a science week & they said that parents could come to class to do an experiment with their child.  Josiah wanted to blow something up, so Neal helped him build a volcano & demonstrated the eruption in Josiah's class.

 Josiah had so much fun explaining his volcano to his class.  I videoed the presentation, but our blog won't play the videos from my phone.  :(

I was able to go to Prague a couple weekends ago to visit my friend Melodee who has lived there for the past 6 years.  She will be moving back to the U.S. on December 17, so I had to get over there before she left.  :)  I really enjoyed my visit there!!  It was a bit chilly, but at least it did not rain or snow for most of the weekend.  :)
 View of the castle at night.

 Mel & I inside the castle courtyard.
 Cathedral at the castle

 Inside the cathedral

 Mural on the outside of the cathedral

 Section of the castle where the President of Czech Republic lives.
 View of the city from outside the castle walls

 Memorial set up outside the French embassy
 Mel & I in front of the Lennon Wall

Our Christmas tree!

Miriam's 4th Birthday

So we got a little behind on our posting.  :)  Miriam celebrated her 4th birthday on November 4. (Which we realized on her birthday that it was her golden birthday.)  She had to go to school that day, but she took strawberry cupcakes to share with her class.  Her teacher said she was very happy all day.  Then after school we got McDonald's for her & Josiah for supper & brought it back to the apartment so we could open her gifts.  I made a strawberry cake for her at home.  She said she had a great day!

Then a little over a week later, on November 13, we had a joint birthday party for her with 2 of her classmates who also had November birthdays.  We invited her whole class.  About half of them & their families came.  The kids had lots of fun.  We held the party at an indoor play center.  It's always a bit difficult going to the birthday parties for the kids because not many of the parents speak English.  But the kids enjoy it, so we get through it.  :)

Here are some pictures from her birthday celebrations.

Miriam's  Party with her Classmates:

 Miriam with her 2 other birthday buddies (Pol & Iu) from her class