Sunday, January 29, 2012

Random Recent Pictures.....

Miriam all ready to watch LSU play. Unfortunately LSU did not fare as well in the 2nd match-up as they did in the 1st one (we watched that one together in the hospital when she was born).
Josiah watching Car 2 on the IPAD will we flying from Nashville to Minneapolis.

The little turkey stole Miriam's pacifier. He never liked them when he was her age.

Josiah got his own popcorn on a father-son day out.

Giving a precious smile..

Our little chunky monkey!!!

With 2 kids now Robin has hit the sauce by the 2-liter.

Bro and Sis napping.

Pondering the event of her first flight (Nashville to Minneapolis)

Josiah's 2nd Birthday

Josiah had his 2nd birthday on January 13th. In the past month he has become very interested in the movie Cars and Cars 2 so we had a Cars themed birthday party. He got a birthday breakfast and opened most of his gifts that morning. At noon we took Josiah to Red Robin for a birthday lunch. That evening, the Edwards came over for pizza and birthday cake. Below are some of the pictures from his birthday (not necessarily in order) .

Getting ready to blow out the candles.
Admiring the candles.... 2 year old's and fire do not mix!

Trying to get the candles before they were lit.

Josiah on his new tricycle.

A cars themed gift.

More Cars stuff....
Josiah had his favorite breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes.
Josiah also got Cars themed bedding for his big boy bed. He has been sleeping in his big boy bed since he turned 2. However we find ourselves taking him back to his big boy bed 1 to 3 times a night. Hopefully he will soon be sleeping through the night in his bed. :-)

This is a farm themed birthday cake Josiah had Grandpa Leland and Grandma Diana's house in early January. He loves John Deere tractors too.