Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Neal!

Neal's birthday was yesterday (July 21). We enjoyed helping him celebrate his birthday. 
 Josiah & Miriam helping daddy open his gift
 Josiah picked out a Thomas the Train card for daddy
 Miriam picked out a monkey card for daddy
 Neal with his yummy cookie cake
Josiah, Daddy, & Miriam

Black Hills Vacation

We enjoyed getting together with Robin's family in the Black Hills to celebrate Robin's parents' 40th anniversary & her mom's 60th birthday.  We all rented a large cabin & enjoyed spending time with the Buseman clan.  We flew into Rapid City, SD where Robin's parents picked us up at the airport.  The next day we picked up our rental car and headed to our cabin which was located outside Hill City, SD.  We went to Storybook Island, Dinosaur Park, Mt. Rushmore, the Rushmore Tram & Alpine Slide, Old McDonald's Farm, walked around Keystone, and rode the 1880's train out of Hill City.  We also took an old time family photo in Keystone.
Here are pictures from our trip:
 Josiah & Miriam with Grandma exploring a train at Storybook Island.
 Josiah headed down the slide.

 Miriam's turn
 Grandpa helping Miriam on the slide
 Captain Neal sailing the pirate ship at Storybook Island
 Neal & Miriam in the pumpkin house
 Family picture with Yogi & Booboo
 Cousin picture at Dinosaur Park
 Family picture at Dinosaur Park

 Miriam and Callie finding some shade under the brontosaurus
 View of Rapid City from Dinosaur Park
 Follow the leader up the dinosaur

 1880's Train in Hill City; this was our engine
 Mommy & Miriam waiting for the train to start
 Heidi & Tammy with 3 of the kids
 Mom, Dad, Stacey, Jared, Callie, & Megan
 Seth & Megan

 Family picture on the train
 View on our train ride
 Josiah being silly with daddy
View of the train/engine from where we sat
 More beautiful scenery from the train
 The engine of our train

 Miriam, Robin, & Josiah in front of Mt Rushmore
 Traditional family picture in front of Mt Rushmore
 George, Thomas, Teddy, & Abe
 Josiah, Neal, & Miriam
 Josiah with the baby goats & lambs at Old McDonald's farm
 Miriam joined in on the fun
 Neal was educating the girl who was working in the cow pen. She said they were black Angus cows & Neal corrected her in saying they were Angus cows & that there is no such thing as black Angus cows.  I don't think they liked having Neal there.  :)
 Neal again got in trouble.  He picked up the baby chick for the kids to pet & tried to hand it to the kids to hold.  The girl working there told him after he had already been holding the chick that he wasn't supposed to pick them up.  Oops!  :)
 The Hofer girls joined us at Old McDonald's Farm in time to see the pig race.
 Miriam petting a rabbit
 Josiah with the mountain goats
 Grandpa Lee Lee & Grandma Diana with Yogi
 Double rainbow we saw after a thunderstorm at the cabin
 Miriam on the Mickelson Trail which went right by our cabin

 Our old time photo we took in Keystone. Josiah loved it! Miriam didn't like it so much.  :)

 Josiah petting a pig at Old McDonald's Farm
 Miriam saying hi to the pig
 Josiah on a pony ride
 Josiah on an old tractor at Old McDonald's Farm

 Josiah & Mommy riding down the alpine slide
 Miriam entertaining herself with Minnie & Daisy in the airplane barf bags.  :)
 On one of our flights home, Neal had an empty seat next to him, so Miriam got to have her own seat.
 Mommy, Josiah, & Miriam riding the little train at Storybook Island
 Miriam and Piglet at Storybook Island
 Josiah & Tigger
 Josiah on the horse at Storybook Island

 Lauren running the merry-go-round for the cousins
 Miriam riding the horse
 Grandpa & Grandma with all the grand kids

 Cousins running down the Mickelson Trail

 3 Youngest cousins
 Miriam modeling her cute pony tail that Aunt Meggie put in her hair.
We thoroughly enjoyed our time at High Country Guest Ranch.  We would highly recommend them if you are looking for a nice cabin in the hills.