Friday, April 24, 2015

Our Home (Nuestra Casa)

Several people asked for pictures of our apartment here in Spain.  I am finally getting around to posting these.  :)

 This is our apartment building. We are on the second floor left corner.
 The master bedroom (we had to downsize from a king size bed to a full size bed) :)
 Balcony #1 that is off of the master bedroom & the kids' bedroom. It is where we dry our clothes.  :)
 Master bathroom. (Yes that is a bidet behind the storage cart.  The kids had fun with the one in our hotel room when we first got here, but they have thankfully lost interest.  Miriam still plays with it now & then, but I think the novelty has worn off.)
 Kids' bedroom.  We surprised the kids by bringing their wall decals that we had on their bedroom back in TN.  Miriam has fun moving them around.  They are just vinyl stickers so they peel on & off easily.
 Second bathroom.  
 Bedroom #3 aka the toy room.  We recently bought the play rug at Ikea for 10 euros.  The kids love it!  It was definitely worth the purchase.
(Eventually this may become a bedroom for one of the kids, but for now we kept them together since that was what they were used to.  We didn't want to overload them with changes.)
 Living room
We love this couch! The bottom pulls out & up to turn it into a full size bed. 
We bought it at Ikea (along with all our other furniture & accessories).
 Balcony #2 off the living room.  The table & chairs are our most recent purchase.  
We've enjoyed eating our dinner out there in the evenings.
 Dining table which is also in the living room.  
(Yes that is our vacuum in the corner.  Storage is limited.)  :)
There is a door that leads out to Balcony #2.  It is all connected outside. 
We did buy a dryer.  Not many people use dryers here, but we are so glad we bought one.  Now that it is finally warming up we've starting hanging our clothes outside more often.

Here are a couple random pictures from this morning & the other night.
Yesterday was San Jorge (Saint George) day here in Spain.  It is similar to Valentine's Day.  
Men buy women red roses & women buy men books.  There were rose & book stands along the streets & in the stores.
The kids learned about the story of San Jorge in school.  Supposedly San Jorge was a knight who defeated a dragon to save a princess.  If you look at the picture above you can see Miriam was 
re-enacting the story.  She used her Princess Anna doll for the princess & Christoph is down by the cars & planes so I guess he's the knight.  Not sure who the cars & planes are supposed to be.  :)

This was from a couple nights ago.  Since the time change, it stays light here until 8:30 at night, so it is hard to get the kids to go to bed on time on school nights.  Miriam just would not go to sleep so she ended up out in the living room with mommy & daddy.  
The school year goes through the middle of June here, so it's going to get harder & harder to convince them it is night-time when the sun stays up until after 9.  Thankfully their school day doesn't start until 9:00 am because ever since the time change everyone has been sleeping in until 7 or after 
(even Josiah who is usually up by 6).

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Yesterday we visited a popular tourist destination near Barcelona called Montserrat.  It is a monastery that is located on a mountain called Montserrat.  We drove a curvy road that took us close to the top of the mountain.  When we got close, we ended up waiting in a line of cars to get through the parking gate.  Apparently we weren't the only ones who wanted to go there and enjoy the beautiful spring day.  We joked that we hoped it was worth waiting 15-20 minutes to get to the parking gate.  After we finally found a parking spot, we ate our picnic lunch in the back of the car and then headed up to where the monastery and other shops & restaurants were located.  It was definitely worth the wait to get in.  It was beautiful.  We didn't go into the museum because we had the kids along and a 5 year old & 3 year old are not too interested in museums.  :)  We enjoyed walking around and we noticed lots of trails that wound around the mountain.  We decided that we need to return there to check out some of the trails and go through the museum.

Here are some pictures from our adventure:

View of Montserrat from the highway
 View from the top of the mountain
 Walking from the car up to the monastery

 Tram going down the mountain

 Robin, Josiah & Miriam
 Walking towards the little waterfall/statue area
 statue of someone (did not stop to read it)
 Enjoying our picnic lunch in the back of the car.  The kids thought it was so fun to eat in the back of the car.  :)
 Walking up to the monastery from the car
 waterfall/statue area
 Josiah taking some pictures with the big camera
 Miriam breaking the rules of not touching the area behind the fence
 Miriam getting ready to take a picture of Josiah
 Our wild boy

 Mommy & Miriam
 Josiah & Mommy
 Josiah's photography

 Miriam's photography

 Josiah enjoying his ice cream cone
 Miriam enjoying her ice cream cone

 Mountain climbers 
 Mountain climbers

 Square in front of the monastery
 Josiah ran some energy off

 We want to figure out how to hike up to wear this cross was.  It was on a nearby peak across from where the monastery was.

 Tibidabo Mountain in Barcelona (we haven't gotten there yet, but we can see it well from where we live)
Barcelona in the distance
 After we got home, Neal & Josiah put together our new patio table & chairs
We had fun eating supper out on the balcony.  We lowered the shades & the kids thought it was like being in a tent.  :)