Monday, December 17, 2012

Thanksgiving until now....

 Here are a few pictures from the past few weeks.  The first ones are from Thanksgiving.  We spent Thanksgiving in AR with Neal's family.  Josiah was able to go on his first hunting trip with daddy while we were there.  The rest of the pictures are since Thanksgiving until now.

Josiah trying on his hunting gear before we left for AR.

Josiah warming up at the deer camp after hunting with daddy.
 (Mr. Bear was fortunate enough to get to go hunting too.)
Josiah & his cousin Hannah enjoying some playtime with Frank, the dog.

Josiah playing with his dog, Scooby Doo.  (Scooby Doo stays at Papa's house.)

Scooby Doo chasing Josiah.  They had lots of fun together.
Josiah putting the angel on the tree.

Miriam is making a fashion statement with this Christmas table runner.

Josiah called for mama to see what he was doing & this is what mama found....a little boy in a drawer & sister playing happily next to him as if this is completely normal.  :)
Miriam enjoys playing with scrap material that Grandma Diana sent to her.  This is what she does with it.  She looks like a little Mary.  :)

Miriam helping daddy roast hot dogs & marshmallows.
We have enjoyed several mild winter days over the past few weeks.  This was one of those days.

Josiah modeling his new haircut. 

Miriam randomly put a wet washcloth on her head.  She loves putting material or clothes on her head.

Josiah & Miriam checking out cousin Hannah's John Deere gator.  Pretty sure they would like one for Christmas.  Don't think Santa will be bringing that this year.

Josiah is a brave man to get in front of the gator while Miriam is behind the wheel.

Notice Miriam never gave up her spot behind the wheel.  Josiah continues to work on the gator.

Miriam modeling her cute new outfit that mama bought her from Aunt Krista's store.

We went to the Toby Mac concert this past Friday night (Dec. 14).  Josiah was yelling & dancing around at the beginning of the concert.  Both he & Miriam fell asleep by the time Toby Mac came on.

I tried to get pictures of Miriam dancing & clapping, but every time I tried  I missed it.  She is our little dancer.  She loves dancing to music!  She enjoyed the concert.