Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Miscellaneous Pictures from the past month.

These are Josiah & Miriam's school pictures.  We were thrilled at how well they turned out!

After we got back to Spain, mommy & the kids got outside to enjoy the 70 degree weather.

 Josiah took this picture himself.  We're not sure how he did this, but it is pretty cool.  :)
 Josiah & Mommy

Josiah's 6th Birthday

Josiah turned 6 years old on January 13.  He took chocolate cupcakes to school to share with his class.  After school we picked up McDonald's for supper and went home to open gifts & have cake.  Josiah had a great birthday!

Josiah enjoying a Happy Meal from McDonald's
Daddy reading one of Josiah's birthday cards
 Opening gifts

 Josiah said he was making a ghost face to go along with the 
Scooby Doo haunted mansion that he got.
 He was one happy boy with all his gifts.
 Wearing his birthday crown from school.
Mommy got creative & made an Angry Birds cake to go along with the Angry Birds decor.
Daddy drew the Angry Birds sign for Josiah.
 Cake time!

 Blowing out the candle.

Christmas 2015

We enjoyed our time in the U.S. for Christmas.  We spent a week in SD and 2 weeks in AR.  We had such fun seeing all our family!  Here are a few pictures from Christmas.

 Our Christmas tree

 Fountains in front of the National Art Museum of Catalonia
 Making Christmas cookies

Josiah & Miriam singing with the kids at church
The kids enjoying the snow in SD
Opening Christmas gifts on the Buseman side at Stacey & Jared's house

 Buseman cousins
 Great-Grandpa Jim & the kids
 Grandma & Grandpa & the kids
Santa came to Papa's house in AR

 Celebrating Christmas with the Matthews side of the famiy

 When we first got to AR the weather was warm.  Miriam said it felt like summer.  :)
 The kids got to go hunting at the deer camp with daddy one morning.