Thursday, May 26, 2011

Aunt Megan's visit and Trip to the Zoo....

We were excited to have Aunt Megan come to visit us for a week in May. Neal ended up having to travel for work for most of that week, so Josiah and I enjoyed having company.

Megan and I took Josiah on a field trip to the zoo. He really enjoyed it.

Josiah was fascinated by the flamingos. They made a really loud noise. It wasn't what we thought a flamingo should sound like. Josiah didn't mind.

Josiah thought these monkeys were funny.
Checking out a leopard (I think).

Mommy and Josiah posing in front of the zebras.

Josiah and the elephants.

Josiah and a bull.

Josiah and the goat.

Josiah and Aunt Megan were helping each other brush their teeth.

Aunt Megan helping Josiah show off his muscles.

Josiah trying on Aunt Megan's running belt.

Miscellaneous Pictures from the past few months...

We've been a bit behind posting photos on here. These are pictures from the past few months.

Josiah was helping keep the garage cleaned while daddy was gone on a work trip.

King Josiah on his royal throne. :)
This was Josiah's first time "driving" the shopping cart at the grocery store. He thought he was big stuff.

Our little stunt man.

Josiah loves eating apples. He chews and chews and then spits it out.

This is where he fell asleep. He takes after Aunt Megan. :)

Enjoying the sunshine.

Working on the lawn mower.

Josiah and his new suitcase.

His first time in a booster seat at a restaurant.

After his first professional haircut.

Before his first professional haircut.

Sporting his big brother t-shirt.

He often falls asleep in the high chair at lunch.

Trying to escape under the gate.

Enjoying bath time.

Taking a ride on Papa and Nana's donkey.

He was having fun playing in the box that his new car seat came in.

Relaxing with some books.

Proudly wearing his John Deere cap.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Easter 2011

We spent Easter down in Arkansas this year with my parents. We had a wonderful family reunion on the Saturday which included an egg hunt for the kids. Below are some of the pictures and videos that we took over the weekend.

Mom and Dad with the grand kids.
All of the little cousins after the big egg hunt.

Josiah had the hang of this egg hunting, but we did practice some earlier in the week.