Monday, April 4, 2011

Our Recent Trip and Last Weekend!!!

We ventured up to Iowa and South Dakota during the middle of March. We stayed a couple of days in Cedar Rapids where Robin and Josiah enjoyed a little swim time. Upon leaving Cedar Rapids, Robin and Josiah traveled with Leland and Diana up to South Dakota while I went to meetings in Des Moines. Robin and Josiah had the opportunity to meet Lily (Josiah's newest cousin).
Josiah does not seem too interested in Lily (or maybe he is a little jealous of mommy holding another baby).
Robin getting aquainted with Lily. Both are doing a good job of posing.
I was able to drop by and meet Lily between work trips during the week.Grandma Diana and Grandpa Lee Lee with the grand kids.

This past weekend we had some really nice weather and had the opportunity to enjoy some time outside in our back yard. We had a fence installed last week so Josiah can roam free now. Below are some photos and videos from the weekend.