Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Easter 2016

The kids' spring break was also Easter break.  Last year we went to the Costa Brava region in Spain.  This year we traveled to Madrid on Palm Sunday weekend.  Neal has been there many times for work, but he has never had a chance to see many of the sites there.  We drove to Madrid and along the way we were able to see the variety of terrain that makes up Spain.  We saw fields and fields of blossoming olive trees.  We drove through mountainous areas and more arid type areas.  We had fun counting the number of bull billboards that they have along the highway in the countryside.  We enjoyed a full day in Madrid. And then a full day driving about an hour outside of Madrid to Segovia to see a beautiful castle and one of the few remaining Roman aqueducts.  On the way to Segovia we took the scenic route through the mountains and we saw a lot of snow.  The kids were very excited.  We had to stop at a scenic overlook to get out so the kids could touch the snow.  :)  Overall it was a fun trip!

 March 19 was Father's Day in Spain.  So we got a picture of Neal with the kids for Father's Day.
 Palace where the King & Queen of Spain live

 Guards in front of the entrance to the palace
 Area in front of the palace

 We found a playground near the palace so while the kids played, Neal & I were able to rest.  :)
 Puerta de Alcaiá
 Retiro Park

 Crystal Palace in Retiro Park
It had an exhibition of dinosaur fossils hanging from the ceiling. 
You can see in the picture above a crucifix hanging amongst the bones.  (Not sure why.)

 This was our drive through the mountains to Segovia.
Snow on the first day of spring.

Aqueduct in Segovia

 Cathedral in Segovia
 We happened to catch the beginning of a Palm Sunday processional from the cathedral that went through the plaza outside the cathedral.

 Alcázar Castle in Segovia

 This is the front of the castle.  They were doing renovations so you can't see it very well.

 Statue outside the castle
 View of the cathedral from the castle
 Cathedral in Segovia

Easter Weekend
 This was Josiah and Miriam's first time dyeing Easter eggs.  They had fun!

They only sell brown eggs here, so the dyeing process took a little longer to be able to see the colors.  They turned out beautiful!!

Family Easter picture

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